Who We Are

” We can’t help everyone But Everyone can help some one “

Magnify My Territory (MMT) is a Non-Profit Organization created to Support and Nurture the lives of individuals who are lacking care. We stand firm in our mission to thrive in helping others.

Our passion is serving and putting a smile on someone’s face, even if only for a moment. Although we are in the beginning stages, in the near future we expect to be in a position to take MMT even further by traveling from state to state assisting others and having MMT facilities across the state. Est. February, 2021

Our Approach

-We Support Individuals

We support individuals who are unable to provide for themselves, and their families during hard times.

Magnify My Territory (MMT) receives food, clothing, and monetary donations from local organizations, and private individuals.

We devote our time and efforts in finding ways to better serve individuals and families in need.

We also make an effort to partner with other institutions and organizations to expand our resources in order to target specific needs of individuals.

— Our Mission

Our mission is to thrive with passion to enhance the lives of individuals who have been victimized through abandonment, neglect, and abuse by supplying and nurturing their needs with basic essential services to include food and clothing distribution, life skills training and social services assistance for daily living.


We could never do this alone. Our amazing group of volunteers help us flourish. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Us  for more information.